Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Make It Monday:Curtains(YES I know it's Wednesday!)

Ok, So I know it's Wednesday, but I wanted to make sure everyone saw my Stellan post, because he wasn't doing that good on Monday and he needed our prayers. He still needs our prayers so keep on praying.

So I decided to make some curtains for my classroom. We don't have any windows in our rooms. I work in an open school building which means we also don't have any walls. So, what do we have? Well we have a bunch of bookcases on wheels to serve as walls. So, I have made some curtains to go on the bookcases that have storage in them. I am not too happy with how they have turned out. Actually I haven't sewn them together just yet, because my sewing machine wouldn't work right, so I might take them apart and repin them. But, here is what they will look like! The other one will have lime green in the middle and pink on it's edges. The thing I think I am most unhappy with is the fabric. Yes it was cheap, but it's super thin and it is sorta making it hard to sew. Sounds weird but I think the thinner the fabric the harder it seems to sew it straight. Plus I am making these by following someone elses already put together. So, that is a little hard as well. It took me forever to pin this one, but I think the pink edges look shorter than the blue so I must repin them! (The air was on and the vent is right under the curtain which is why the right side of the curtain looks the way it does. It is really not that much shorter than the rest of the curtain.) That's alright. I am going to take it to school tomorrow to see if it is even going to look right! I think it will though.

SO other things going on with me! I have been extremely tired and my stomach has been bothering me. Not only that but nothing, I mean nothing taste good. All of my favorite snacks just don't taste good anymore! What is wrong with me! Yes, I know my tastebuds are changing and some things just won't be good, but I have to find something good to eat! Anyone have any good suggestions?


Maggi said...

I think your curtains are too cute! You might want to try some more bland foods, less spice, salt etc. That might help! Broth sometimes helped me!

Also, this trimester will kick your butt in the tired department, try to take naps and get as much sleep as you possibly can!

Lisa T. Howard said...

Maggi is right about the bland foods AND about the first trimester zapping your energy. It has been many, many years since I was pregnant but you never forget that feeling. BTW, my son is 22 today! See how long it has been! LOL!

Your curtains are so cute! I remember our high school being one of the first to try open classrooms and we worked hard to get it changed back. I was just wondering how that would work in an elementary school. I would think it would be hard to keep the children's attention. Great idea to use curtains to cover the shelves!!! Hope you are feeling better soon! :) xoxo L

JennyMac said...

Cute curtains..I loved salad when I was pregnant but I didnt have any bland food issues or cravings. Sorry! My bff took ginger though when she was pregnant and it really helped her tummy.

Julia said...

cute curtains. an open building? very weird. what grade do you teach?

as for the food, eat whatever you can. probably crackers, maybe yogurt, fruit. I made lots of smoothie type shakes to make sure i was getting my fruits and veggies!