Sunday, July 5, 2009


Well I am back from my cruise. I had a BLAST...I have so many pictures to share with you and so much to tell! We had nice weather ALL week during the day. At night in the middle of the ocean it was pretty scarely ESP. since it was storming. Our boat moved pretty bad on this cruise. So bad that it actually damaged the navigation system on the boat. Kinda scary huh? NAH! We had a blast and I will share some of my pictures with you soon:) I am uploading them to shutterfly right now and they are going to take quite a LONG time!! Here is one pic of Chris and I in Belize on a beautiful island. Only 6 people live on the ENTIRE Island and they only get vistors about once a week. Wow I am so SPOILED.
Ok so I have decided what I am going to do and I have 2 winners:) I have decided to go with these two ideas. The first idea I am going to use and borrow is from one of my favorite bloggers Maggi!

Maggi said...
Have fun on your cruise, I can't wait to see all the pics! As for a weekly thing to do on your blog, you can always do a Fab Five if you want! lol But if you're looking for something totally different, you could do something like a Wednesday Word of the Day? Like pick a word that works with a story or a craft you have to show or you could look around and post some pics that go along with that word...did that make any sense?! lol Anyhoo, if I think of anymore, I'll be back! Have fun on your trip!!!She does Friday night Fab five every week.

SO, I have decided I am going to do this as well on Fridays! I enjoy reading hers so much that I am going to start doing this as well!

Here is the other idea that I am going to use!

Julia said...
Make-it Monday (show a recent craft project or have a tutorial on how to make something)Mommy Monday (perhaps AFTER you get pregnant, every monday, you could write about a mommy/baby product, or what happened the past week during your pregnancy, or fears/excitements on being a mommy... anything mommy/baby)

I am going to use both of her ideas. Obviously I can't use the second one just yet, so I will have to save that one for the future. But, starting tomorrow I will do Make-it Monday!

So, since these are my two winners I need to send them a special something!! So, will both of you email me your addresses so that I can send you a little special treat in the mail? Thanks for helping me decide what I am going to post about:)

I wanted your help in deciding this because for one I think it is fun, but also becuase it is a great way to get more blog posts throughout the week that might be a little more interesting to others. We will see how well it goes.

OK girls don't forget to email me at

Sadly, tomorrow I have to go back to class AGAIN. It is only for 13 days from 9-4, but it still stinks and takes away from my pool time! Oh well only 12 more hours and I will FINALLY have my masters:)

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Maggi said...

Welcome home! That picture of you two is so sweet!

This is too funny, but I thought of another idea and I just now remembered what it was while reading this post! LOL

Since you're digging your iPhone so much, you could do an "iPhone Pic of the Week" post where you share a photo you took with your iPhone and the story behind it. (Assuming you take pics with it of course!) LOL