Friday, July 10, 2009

Friday Night Fab Five

OK so tonight is my very first Friday Night Fab Five! I have been thinking about what I want to do all week long and as I am writing this I am still sorta thinking about what exactly it is going to be that I do. I have millions of ideas in my head but I want to make sure it is a good one for my first time:) SO, let's see.....Since I LOVE scrapbooking and I talk about it a lot on my blog I thought I would do my top five fav. scrappy items! I am sure I will do a lot of fab five with scrapbooking activities so here goes! Here are the five scrappy things I CAN'T live without!

1. My Cricut: I don't talk about my cricut very much but I LOVE it! I got a smaller cricut last September, well it didn't take long for me to decide that I wanted to get the bigger cricut. So, on Black Friday when they ran a good deal on it, it was mine! I love it and although I don't use it on every scrapbook page, I do a lot with it. My goal is to use it a lot more for my classroom! It really does cut down on me buying letters for scrapping, cause I have fonts that are just as easy to use:)

2. Stickles: I am OBSESSED with stickles. I could stickle an entire scrapbook page! I just love to sparkles and stickles are the perfect thing for me:) I use them on cricut cuts, buttons, and my letters. Oh and think of the things you could stickles on! I think I would even use them on my pictures if I could find a place to use them!

3. Buttons: I also love to use buttons on my scrap pages. Sometimes I think I use WAY too many buttons on too many scrap pages, but you can never have too many buttons can you? I love ALL different kinds of buttons, but I espeically love the buttons I have bought from Close to my heart! They are assorted colors but they all go very nicely together!

4. Ribbon: Ribbon is another item I could use ALL the time on my scrap pages. I love to buy ribbon to have, therefore I have way TOO much ribbon. It's so much fun to buy all the cute little designed ribbons like polka dots, stripes, differen colors, shapes and designs! Which brings me to my last fav. which is a bad fav;)

5. Paper: I am a paperholic! I buy way, way too much paper. OK who can have to much paper? NOT ME! I love paper so I have tons of designs, colors and other paper that is cute. I always buy 12X12 so that if I don't want to use it as a background I can always use it as frames and 12X12 goes way further than any other size. Oh and I exp. love to buy DCWV paperstacks!

Ok well I hope you enjoyed my very first friday night fab five and stop by my friend Maggi's
blog to check out her Friday Night Fab Five as well! And I hope you come back next Friday to check out my next Friday Night Fab Five:)


Maggi said...

Wowowowowowowow I LOVE your fab five! As you know, I'm a Stickles freak! lol And the DCWV stacks are so fun! (Especially when they're on sale! lol)

Great job on your first Five, can't wait for next week!!!

(Bachelorette tomorrow, woo hoo!)

Brooke said...

Thanks for the follow! I'll have to learn a few crafty tips from you!

Lisa T. Howard said...

LOVE your Friday Fab Five! And we certainly share some scrapping favorites...stickles, buttons, ribbons, paper. But you've got me on the Cricut. I have ooh'ed and ahh'ed over them for such a long time but I just couldn't pull the trigger. Plus, my scrap space is so full, I wasn't exactly sure where I would put it. My little die cutting friend is The Slice. Love it!

Looking forward to more of your Fab Five! And great job on your first! One more thing before I go, thanks so very much for your awesome words of support and encouragement. I always leave a smile on my face! :)

P.S. Next time, DEFINITELY try cave tubing! But then again, if you try it and hate it, you may not like me anymore! LOL!

Anonymous said...

Cute blog! I'm a first year teacher looking for cute teaching decor and I came across your blog. You have some very cute ideas. Anyways since you love DCWV paper try buying the mini stacks and cute the paper horizontally in half. When I was student teaching I did this for the kids and they were obsessed especially with the glitter ones. For the first day of school you can put one on each of their desks with their names on them and a little welcoming message. Super cute and cheap too!