Friday, July 24, 2009

Friday Night Fab Five: iphon Edtion

So tonight's Friday Night Fab Five is in great honor of my dear blogger friend Maggi! Maggi loves iphones so much that she pretends she has one her whole life:) (She loves me!) So in honor of her I am doing Friday Night Fab Five iphone edition with my top five apps.

Ok so I just got my iphone a little over a month ago and it is definitly my life. Now I probably don't use it to the full effect that everyone else does and hey I probably haven't downloaded more than five apps so this might be a little hard for me to do. Ok so not really, but I just have a few apps, but they are my favs.

K so here they are! In no certain order either cause I love them all!

1.WeatherBug: So my friend Ashley and I can sometimes be a little obsessed with the weather. I have always loved weather bug. I think it is one of the best places to get weather information so I HAD to have it for my iphone and it was FREE:) If you don't have it get it because it is worth it!

2. Twitterific: Ok for all you twitter fans out there who wouldn't love getting thier twitter updates on their phone. I love it and it's so cute when you get new tweets it makes a twirping sound! So fun:) And so free!3. Google Earth: This app is already included on the phone but incredibly worth it. It was a life saver the other day for Kimberely, Amy, and I when we were trying to find the Humane Society downtown. We don't like downtown and with google Earth we could actually see the road we were on and the roads that we needed to turn on. Thank goodness or we would have NEVER gotten to that field trip! I am glad it was already on my phone cause I probably wouldn't have know otherwise to use it!4.Collapse: One of my all time favorite games. I looked it up the first day I got my iphone and still have not beat the game. It gets harder and harder. I have been stuck on the same level since forever. I try at least once a day to beat it and it never goes very well. I will one day master Collapse on my iphone! I did pay about 1.99 for this app but it has been well worth every penny:)5Facebook: Before I was addicted to Twitter or blogging I was obsessed with facebook. I still love it so of course I had to have it on my iphone. It is so much fun and it updates everytime you click on it. Which is probably about 100 times a day for this girl. I didn't pay a penny for it either so how much better can that get?

I hope you enjoyed Friday Night Fab Five:iphone Edition! If you have an iphone PLEASE tell me some of your fav. apps! I am always looking for more to get addicted to! Maggi I hope you enjoyed your own dedicated fab five:)

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Maggi said...

Woo hoo, iPhone Fab Five!!! LOL

Let's see...what are my favorite apps...hmmmm...

Grocery iQ (.99) is great because I can keep my grocery list on my phone. :)

Classics (.99) is a good one if you like classic literature. Full books on this app and it has bookmarks when you have to stop reading for a while!

Moron Test (.99) is hilarious!

Flight Control is a fun game! I think it's still .99 too.

Urbanspoon is a fun one if you're trying to find a new restaurant to try!

Sally's Spa is a fun game too.

There are so many apps I haven't tried yet! lol

Thank you for the dedication!!!!