Tuesday, July 14, 2009


So, I didn't do Make it Monday yesterday. I know second day and I am already missing days:( My excuse is I am going to school 9-4 and I am so incredibly TIRED!! SO, I thought I would just write a little to let you know that I am tired and I miss Make it Monday. But, I promise I will make it up next week:)

I thought I would share a few more pics. from our cruise a few weeks ago. I can't believe we have already been back for a week and a half. I miss it! I am always ready to come home, but then I want to go right back!! Sorry I still have not cropped my pics from the cruise, but I hope you enjoy the ones I have posted!!
Ok on to the pics.;
Ok call me spoiled, but this was my LEAST favorite stop. It was at least 200degrees in Mexico the day we decided to go to the Ruins of Tulam. It was so miserably hot and there was hardly any shade. I had NO desire to go there in the first place, but Chris wanted to so we went:) It would have been neater had I not been so hot. The beach on the other side was really neat though! This was one of my favorite stops. I loved Nassau ESP. Atlantis. I would love to go stay there for an entire week. I am sure however, that it would be way out of my budget. Under this bridge there are some animals that don't like humans too much:) There were signs like this one all around this area!

This is me posing like our towel animal! We weren't really sure what it was, but that's the way it looked! I love the monkeys, but we never got one. If you have never been on a cruise each night they take towels and make animals out of them and then lay them on your bed! They are really cool.Our last night being served yummy, yummy food! We went to the dining room EVERY night. Who wants to miss out on that? Oh and we loved the warm melting chocolate cake so much. At least one of us got it every night and the last night our waiter brought us the recipe. But, I am sure it won't be as good as it is on the boat:)Private beach island in Belize! PLEASE take me there:)


Maggi said...

Wow, that looks like it was a blast! We've decided to drive up to NY to see his family which means I'm finally getting my vacation! lol

I cannot wait for the Men Tell All special next week! That is going to be awesome!!! lol

The Redhead Riter said...

Stopping by from SITS to say HI

The towel was funny and you were funnier...LOL

Has anyone ever told you that you look a little like Leann Rimes?

Jesslikesstuff said...

Hey! Thanks so much for stopping by my blog :). Your photos make me excited for the vacation we've got planned for the fall! We're planning to go to Dominican. Never done the cruise thing but i know some people who work on ships. Looks like a great time!

Julia said...

beautiful pics! you know we went to the ruins of tulum on our honeymoon 5 years ago?? it's beautiful isn't it? bummer you missed a make-it monday. start thinking of something now and start writing the post so it's ready to go!!

have a great weekend friend!

Lisa T. Howard said...

I still want to go to that private beach!!!! Your photo is AMAZING!!! When you were in Nassau did you get to go to Atlantis? In my former life (aka my married days LOL!) the cruise we took that stopped at Nassau didn't allow us to visit there. Fortunately, my ex-husband and I attended a contractor's convention at Atlantis a few years later. It is certainly an amazing place. But you are right about it being expensive. Our buffet dinner was $45.00 per person! Yep, you read that right! We ate only one meal a day and split a can (they served canned chips) of Doritoes and a Diet Coke for our other meal. Had to get our money's worth at the buffet! LOL!

Orange Juice said...

dropping by from SITS