Thursday, July 30, 2009

Busy as a bee!!

Today I have been busy as a bee! I have worked on a lot of school things and cleaned the house a little. Yesterday I felt awful so I didn't really do anything. Today I caught up on a lot of things. First I got some laundry done, cleaned the cabinets in my kitchen and straightened the basement. Then it was on to working on some things for school. So, here are some of the things I did today!

First I made these pencils for my center bulletin board. I also cut out these letters for the board and wrote their names on their center pockets.

Then I put the ducks beaks on, added the stickles, and printed out the name lables to go on the ducks.

I finished the purple table supplies bucket.

I cut out vinyl letters for my objectives board. They say Daily Objectives, Math, Reading, Writing, Science, and Social Studies.

I got the stuff ready for their goodie bags on the first day of school. I got them a little puzzle game, an eraser, and a pencil. I am going to put them in these bags and then staple the great job tag on them.

I wrote the names on my name plates and cut out the contact paper to stick over the nameplates on the desks. I found that this stays down well as long as they don't peel at it!
So, I had a busy as a bee day, but I got a lot done and I am happy with that! Tomorrow I am going to school with all of this stuff to put it in place. Here are some other things I have to finish though..
1.Print out Center Plates
2. Finish Workshop chart.
3.Make a behavior system.
4. Hang up my ABCs (But, First I have to take all the tape off the wall from the previous teacher!)
5. Complete all my bulletin boards.....and I am sure there are a million other things....
So hopefully I will feel good tomorrow so I can work hard at school tomorrow. Open house is on Monday...AHHHHHH


Lyndsey said...

Wow, so I missed your big news! Congratulations!

I absolutely Loved being pregnant, but I had pretty much zero energy until the second trimester!

jacque4u2c said...

You go girl!!! You are on a roll! Boy, I wish I would of had teachers like you when I was in school! This is what I call motivation! I can really tell just from this what a fantastic Mom you are going to make!

Chaotic Creations by Kristen said...

YIKES!! You have been a Busy Bee and a Creative One at that!! Great Job! It actually brought back a memory or 2 while reading. I even remembered the smell of the class room...weird?? LOL!!
Nice to meet you! Get some rest this weekend before meeting all those anxious parents...LOL!
Good Luck,

Tania @ Larger Family Life said...

Wow you have been busy! All looks great!

laterg8r said...

you must be a great teacher. i'm sure the kids appreciate all the fun stuff you do :)