Sunday, June 21, 2009

Tis the Season: For weddings of COURSE!

June is ALWAYS a big wedding month and it seems like the last two years we have been invited to a TON of weddings or our close friends have gotten married. Well so far this summer we have gone to three weddings with one more on the way. Well I wanted to share with you the bucket I made for the wedding we went to tonight. I thought it turned out pretty cute:) I used my cricut to cut out their intials and some polka dots. Then I filled the bucket with some kitchen items. Some that were on her registry and then some that I love to use! Lastly I wrapped with with clear wrapping paper and then tied it up with a bow. I was I would have had thicker ribbon but that's alright it worked! And the wedding was a lot of fun tonight. The bride was beautiful:) Next, time I will probably make the initals a little smaller. But, I am thinking these would make great baby shower gifts as well:) How cute would that be for a diaper bucket!? I think I would love it!
What do you think about my gift would you enjoy getting that as a wedding present?

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Maggi said...

That bucket is adorable! I would love to have gotten something like that for my wedding and yes, I think that would make an excellent baby shower present too!