Wednesday, June 17, 2009

I Promised Crafty...SO here I go!!

OK, so I promised crafty and FINALLY I finished the project that I wanted to share with you! It does take quite a while to make this project and I have tons of pics to share to help as much as I possibly can! OK so my craftiness I would like to share with you today is not a scrapbook lo, it's not a paintcan, and it's not an altered item! It is a quillow! Yes I made it all by myself too! First you might be wondering what in the world is a quillow? It is a quilt and a pillow all in one. How can that be? Well if you look at the very end of the patterned side of the blanket you will see a little pocket (I personally like to use that pocket to put my feet in when I sleep at night) you can roll the quilt up inside of it and you have a pillow! How nifty. Definitly didn't come up with it on my own.

When I was in high school we could take a sewing/craft class! Yes, I went to an all girls school and that was an elective and I LOVED it. So, this was one of my projects. Well I have probably made at least thirty if not more since high school. I made a new one today, becauase I do sleep with them every night in the summer time as my only blanket. My other one is getting a little old and so I wanted a new one. Plus I really liked this fabric because it will look good with my new comforter for my room.

So, how did I make it? Well I definitly don't use a pattern, but all I do is cut two pieces of fabric two yards with RIGHT sides together. I also cut out two yards of batting. Next, I pin them right side together with the batting on one side of one of the fabrics. Leave a long part unpinned so that you don't sew it. This is to flip it inside out. Your suppose to hand sew that part together, but I am TOO impatient to do such a thing so I use the machine. To make the quillow part you cut two 171/2X171/2" pieces of your patterned fabric and batting. Put it right sides together with the batting on one piece of the fabric. Then sew it leaving enough room to turn in inside out.

Lastly sew you the quillow part onto the quillow. It goes directly in the middle of one end of the patterned fabric. I have a special presser foot to sew all of the pieces together at the end because they are very thick. This is the HARDEST part because when you put that much fabric together it can gather as you sew so you have to be VERY careful as you sew.

I love these blankets and this is my third one. I still use my old ones, but they have been loved to the ground!
To Fold: Turn the blanket over to the solid color side then flip the
ends to the middle
Next begin folding the blanket up:
Another Fold:

Your Last fold:

Lastly flip it over and turn the pillow inside out. I promise this takes LOTS of practice!! And you have a pillow!!

Of course I always have help whenever on any projects I create:)
I hope you are not TOO confused. If you are interested in making one or have questions please feel free to email me!!

So, what do you think about quillows!! I am thinking about doing a special giveaway and maybe a quillow could be one of my giveaways. I was thinking when I have 100 followers I could do this!! Will I ever get there is the question LOL!!


The Nice One said...

Wow, you make me think that it may actually be possible to do. I loooove the fabrics!

Maggi said...

That is the neatest thing! That would make a great giveaway prize!

Suzanne said...

Definitely a great giveaway item! You will get to 100, sooner than you think. You make me wish I could sew:-)

Grand Pooba said...

You make it look so simple! I started a levi quilt 4 years ago and still haven't finished it! It's been sitting in storage waiting for me!

Buckeroomama said...

Can I just 'watch' and imagine that I can do this? I am so not into sewing anything. :)

Following from MBC.

Mrs.Zeus said...

NICE!!! I wish I can do that, I am trying to learn. One day at a time.

Future Mama said...

OMG CUTE!! you are sooo crafty! I'm jealous! My dog would love that!! I made him a bed but he doens't sleep on it :( but maybe he's like a quillow?! haha!!

Look at you girl... Your blog is growing so fast!! :)

..Can't wait to hear some exciting news!!