Sunday, June 14, 2009

I know Still nothing Crafty!!

OK, so I haven't been able to do ANY crafting this weekend! Why you may wonder? Because I have a research paper due next week and a huge project do the very next day. Plus all the little papers that are required in everyday class. Needless to say that is what I have been working on the past few hours. I shall get it done and when I do I am going to make something:) I already have that special something in mind that I want to make and share with you! I am even thinking about making one for a giveaway, but I want more followers before I do such a thing:)

Ok so, I have a question for all of you out there. Do you have an iphone? Do you like your iphone and would you pay the money for one? Why am I asking? Becuase I WANT one lol! I have wanted one for a VERY long time. I thought I was able to get one at the discounted price of 199.00 not too long ago, but found I had to pay 399.00 if I wanted to get it. Didn't buy it. Well two months later my phone has broke and I am using an old used phone. It's not too bad, but the battery doesn't last long on it and of course it's not what I want. So, last Monday I went to Cingular to see if I could get one at the new discount price and they said I could pay 299.00 for one. Chris told me today that I could go get it for that price if I wanted to!!:) I want to, but I don't want to. I still have 3 months until I am offically due for an upgrade and I really don't want to wait that long to get it. But, I am not sure I want to pay 299.00 for it. However, I know I will LOVE it and it will be my new toy to play with. I love technology and having something new to play with will be SO much fun! SO, I am here to ask you this!! Please help me if you can even if you don't have an iphone and still have thoughts about it let me know!

Do you have an iphone? Do you like it and would you pay 299.00 for it?

Hopefully I will get some response tonight because my computer still isn't here and Chris has to take his laptop back to work tomorrow morning:(


Sharon said...

I don't have an IPhone but would LOOOOOOVE to have one. Problem is I would get NOTHING done!(And probably end up ignorning my kids! lol)

Suzanne said...

Okay, I am on my second iphone. I had one for 2 years, accidentally destroyed it (but sold it on ebay for $175 for the parts...crazy, huh?) Anyway, I bought a blackberry and hated it so I sold it and got another iphone. Now, I'm a happy girl once again. Go for it!!!
P.S. You are so gorgeous!!!!! Thank you for visiting my blog.

Maggi said...

If you wait the couple of months for the upgrade, could you get it for cheaper? I would wait then in that case but if not, go for it! I don't have one yet but a friend does and she let me play with it! lol