Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Going Cruisin' and a CONTEST!

So, this will probably be my last post before we leave to go on our cruise on Friday! So, it might be a little long and I am sure I will lose a lot of your interest by the end of the post:) First, I have yet another update for our CRUISE Somehow I am not quite sure that the cruise director will know exactly where we are going because they have changed our ports yet again. WELL at least they are going back to the ports we orginally signed up for! We are now going to Nassau, Belize, Costa Maya, and Cozumel. SO, they have decided to take us back to Mexico and I am guessing it is alright. But, hey I am not saying that is where we will go so I will let you know when I get home where exactly we did go. Trust me I will have TONS of pictures to share and I am sure many stories. Maybe. Just. Maybe I will win a few dollars or too in the casino. YES. I love the casino, however I stick to the penny and nickel slots ha ha! So, ask me have I packed yet? Well, heck no. Have I started packing? Heck no. Will I start tonight? Probably heck no! I will get it done I always do.

So tomorrow I have lots to do.
Finish laundry.
Manicure and Pedicure.
Lunch with parents.
Mail off a paint can.
Finish cleaning the house.

I am so sure I can get ALL of that done tomorrow!

Ok moving along. I am still using this Fertility Calendar , however I have looked and looked at MANY different websites online, reading articles, talking to other TTC, and asking questions. SO HOPEFULLY in the next few weeks I am going to have some SURPRISING news!!! Come back often to find out (Please visit me and leave a comment too)

Alright last thing and then I am done boring you. OK everyone has nifty little sayings for a special blog post they do once a week. My fav of course is Friday Night Fab Five by one of my favorite bloggers Maggi, go check her out, her blog is the cutest little thing. Some others I have seen are Wordless Wednesdays, Book review monday, and I can't think of any others. WEll I want to do this and I am having a hard time thinking of one. HELP. ME.

So, this is what I am asking of you! Think of a great slogan for me to blog about once a week and I will use it! The one that I like the most or am able to use the most will become part of my blog. You will also get a little fun surprise from me (BUT I am not going to tell you what it is just yet!) So, leave me a comment with your idea and when I come back from my trip I will pick my fav. and a winner!

Everyone have a wonderful weekend, week and fourth of July. We will be driving back home from Florida on 4th of July!

Bon Voyage!


Kristen said...

I wish I had an idea, but nope, I do not! haha. But have a blast on your cruise!!

Veronica Lee said...

Have fun on your cruise!! Can't wait to see the pics.

Sheila said...

What about Fantastic Fridays, you can post about one really great thing that happened during the week.

Maggi said...

Have fun on your cruise, I can't wait to see all the pics!

As for a weekly thing to do on your blog, you can always do a Fab Five if you want! lol But if you're looking for something totally different, you could do something like a Wednesday Word of the Day? Like pick a word that works with a story or a craft you have to show or you could look around and post some pics that go along with that word...did that make any sense?! lol

Anyhoo, if I think of anymore, I'll be back!

Have fun on your trip!!!

Julia said...

Make-it Monday (show a recent craft project or have a tutorial on how to make something)

Mommy Monday (perhaps AFTER you get pregnant, every monday, you could write about a mommy/baby product, or what happened the past week during your pregnancy, or fears/excitements on being a mommy... anything mommy/baby)

Talkative Tuesday (rant... about anything!)

Wishful Wednesday (talk about some wishes you have, prayer requests, etc)

I've run out of ideas!!

and your wedding dress is gorgeous! I had a similar dress with the lace-up back... i loved it!! i love how your ribbon was a bright blue!! so pretty! have fun on your cruise!

Lisa T. Howard said...

Hope you have a wonderful time cruisin'! I have been to each of those ports via various cruises and they were all fun. Especially loved Cave Tubing in Belize. It was one of those things I am sooooo glad I did...BUT will never do again! LOL!

I cannot think of a theme right now. Oh! You could do Saturday Sound-off! LOL! Can you tell work is a little, um, crazy right now? Ha! Whatever you choose, I can't wait to read! :)

West Texas Wife said...

Hey I am so jealous I have am sitting here with a colic baby and your going on a cruise! I used a fertility calendar also and it helped us to get Tripp. Anyways we love him and Cowboy Steve wouldn't go on a cruise anyways.
Themes I love MHR Fridays- My husband rocks and you just say something neat about your husband. I do this cause Cowboy Steve doesn't use a computer at all. have a blast and get some sun for me I sure need it!

Shanda said...

Your going on vacation too! I will be praying all goes well - especially IF you end up going to Mexico! ;) We did a similar cruise a few years back and had a blast there. If they still offer a "jeep tour" do it!! It was a blast. You go off-roading and they have an intercom system set up between all of the jeeps. Our guides were hilarious!

Praying that God will give you the desire of your heart! Blessings to you!