Wednesday, June 17, 2009

FINALLY! Got my computer back:)

Finally! My computer came today. Chris got it all set up for me thank goodnes...took forever to get the wireless set up though cause we couldn't find the CD. FINALLY got it set up and now we are good!

SO, I am offically back for good let's hope:)

Well, this week is my first offical week off for summer and what have I been doing? Not cleaning each room really good, not excercising like I SO should be doing, not laundry, or even laying in the sun(well it has been raining so far this week). I have been doing HOMEWORK! Can you believe it sumer time and I am doing nothing but homework. WELL and playing with my IPHONE YES! YES! YES! I got it and I absolutely LOVE it. so. far. Hope it stays that way. Probably should have waited til September, but I am not very patient when I want something. Just ask my husband! I am having fun with it, but I still don't have an Itunes account so I have to set that all up so that I can get some apps!

ANYWAYS: I did work on my craft project today. I am ALMOST finished, and will be able to post about it tomorrow. So, that is really exciting. I hope you all love it, because they are so much fun to make. I have been taking pictures of it as I make it so that I can try to explain how to make it to those that want to make one themselves. Can't wait to finish it tomorrow!

Can't believe we leave to go on our cruise next Friday. I am so excited I can't wait. I have two projects that I have to finish for my classes that finish up next Tuesday and then I am ready to pack and leave town. I am PUMPED and so ready to have no contact with anyone off of the boat for a whole week! (Sorry LOL you know what I mean though?)

WEll going to do some work (play?) goodnight!


Maggi said...

Congrats on getting the computer back and congrats on the iPhone!!!

Cammie said...

so jealous you get to be home all summer! My little boy starts kindergarden this coming year!!


Oh a cruise, sounds divine! I wish I could go on vacation!! Stopping by from SITS!