Friday, May 15, 2009

What's New!!??

So, my brother is getting married tomorrow and I am spending the day at my mom and dads so I thought I would write a little blog! I miss my computer and not being able to get on here and blog or share my new scrappy things!

So what has been going on? We are finished with school on June 3 for the kids and June 5 for the teachers! I am offically going to be a first grade teacher next year! I am no longer going to teach kindergarten. I am excited, nervous, sad, happy and everything all rolled into one! If you teach first grade I will take any IDEAS you have! I am excited that I will be working with an awesome team of girls, but I am also sad for other reasons. I am sad that I will have to leave a wonderful assistant that has done EVERYTHING for me the past two years. I am sad that I will be losing two incredible team members and two other incredible assistants. I will be just around the corner from them though so that won't be TOO bad, but it will still be different. I am also excited because the classroom I am moving into has a door and window in it! I have NEITHER in my classroom right now and I will no longer have kids walking through my classroom to go to the bathroom! I work in an open school building (which means we have no walls) and the bathrooms are located in my classroom for the kindergarteners! So, I won't have to deal with that anymore!

I am very, very excited that we are getting closer to our cruise! We are going to have SO much fun! I can't wait to lay around and relax for seven WHOLE days!! It will be too nice. I love this time of year, but we are also so busy. I am already back in summer school so not only am I still working all day, but I got to school Monday-Thursday from 530-830! Makes for a long day. But, I will be so excited when I have my masters out of the way.

Well I guess I have rambled enough, but hopefully I will get my computer back soon and will be back everyday!

Talk to ya soon!


Maggi a.k.a. Katamommy said...

How fun for your brother! I bet his wedding is going to be a blast! Congrats to him! And congrats on getting the first grade, you are going to be the best 1st grade teacher!

Sock Monkey said...

Late but never forgotten! Have a great weekend my fellow sitstahs!

Camp Sock Monkey

Sock Monkey said...

Following your blog!