Wednesday, May 27, 2009

No More Kindergarten:*o(

Well I am at school, but class was canceled. I know it's nice, but I wish I had not driven 30 minutes to get here to find out that I will not have class tonight!

Well I have been thinking about this post for a while. I am writing it today, but I am not sure when I will actually post it. I was told last week that I will no longer be teaching kindergarten. I am moving up to first. I have a lot of different emotions about this situation so let me just spill them out to you.SAD. I am because I have worked with the same wonderful group of women for the past three years. The first three years of my teaching career. They have been amazing. Wonderful. Supportive. and what will I do without them? I have learned so much from all of them. Two teachers and three teaching assistants is what I will be leaving behind. Sad I am because no longer will it be my job to teach some small children that have NEVER been in school before. I had the honor of teaching so many young children that had never been away from thier mothers before. I never knew who would walk down those halls the first week of school. There was no other teacher at the school (unless they went to preschool) that could tell me "Oh I had so and so last year and he/she is _______) I got to experience them all first hand. VERY sad am I that I am leaving behind my wonderful and supportive teaching assistant. She has been there for me numerous times and not just for school. She is the sweetest woman and has become such a great friend and someone I really look up to. I am really. really. really going to miss her. And I know she will miss me too.

HAPPY/EXCITED. For a new chapter in my life. I will be working with a new group of women. None of us have taught first grade before. All of us are in our twenties. All of us married within the last five years. We will work very well together. I know we all of the best of ideas and we will do so much for the first graders that are coming in next year. I am excited that I know this group of kids and that I am moving up with them. I have, however, decided not to keep my kids that I taught this year. I know, I know there are many pros to this, but there are also many cons to this as well. I just feel like my students need to move on to new teachers. If their parents request that they stay with me then of course they will be in my class next year! But, if not I am just going to split them between the other three first grade teachers.

So, I am Sad, Happy, Excited all rolled into one for the next school year. I am sure that no matter what it will be a good experience and I will definitly make the best of it! Now to get my room moved by June 12! AAHHHHHHH!!


Sharon said...

FANTASTIC! What a great attitude you have! You are leaving behind your career as a kindergarten teacher with GREAT memories....and you have such a great outlook on your future as a 1st grade teacher! Your kids and their parents are lucky to have you! Good luck!

Maggi said...

That is very sad that one chapter is ending but so exciting that another one is beginning! And with your craftiness, you'll have the best looking room in the school! lol

West Texas Wife said...

Hey I totally understand you feelings, I made the move to a new school this year and it was the best thing I could have done... But I will admit I was nervous and scared to be with a new staff... I am sure you will do great and love it! Have fun decorating your new room. I always love that!

sPaRkLiNg sCrApBoOkS said...

Thank you SO much for your sweet comment! I bet there are so many mixed emotions going on for you, but you will be great wherever you go! You seem to have a radiant personality, I'm sure the kids (and parents!) will just adore you!!!!
xOxO deb