Sunday, May 17, 2009

He Said I DO!

My brother said "I do" yesterday afternoon at Farmington in Louisville, Kentucky! It was outside and boy did we dodge a HUGE thunderstorm just as the wedding was starting! Chris looked at the radar right before we were ready to begin and there was a huge storm sitting on top of us. And then it just disappeared, but during the whole wedding I am looking up at the sky and all around me praying it doesn't rain and it didn't. This is the only picture I have of the rehearsal dinner. This is my little brother's girlfriend, Emily. Isn't she so darn cute! Notice I took my shoes off so that I wouldn't be five inches taller than her.

Here are a few pictures from the day! First here is a picture of my little brother and I walking in. So, yes we are looking at our feet, but the bricks were so uneven and where it had rained the dirt in between each brick was mud, so we had to make sure that I wouldn't trip over a brick or my heel wouldn't get caught in the mud lol! I have to say I don't know what we were thinking when we picked out these dresses. First of all they show EVERY nasty part of your body possible and they stick to you. I think it was the fabric. I told Emily that she is NOT allowed to have this fabric in her wedding when her and Joe get married.

I like this picture of all of the girls including the bride to be! I think this is one of my favorite pictures.

Here is a picture of my brother Mike and I! Do we look alike lol!?

And here is the last picture I will show you! The middle standing to the left of me is my grandma and next to her are my cousins and Rachel and then Emma. Aunt Lisa is on the other side of me. Do you think that Rachel and I look alike? EVERYONE thinks we are sisters not cousins because she resembles me. I don't see it, but Rachel is beautiful and so is Emma!

And of course Chris is missing from all the pictures because he was taking all the pics.:0( I can't wait to see the photographers pictures she took tons and I am sure she got a lot of beautiful shots.


Maggi said...

What beautiful pictures! It looks like it was a beautiful wedding, glad the weather held out! Thanks for sharing the pics!

Amy said...

Beautiful! I love weddings, and I think the dresses look great! (And wow - you're tall, I'm jealous!)