Sunday, April 5, 2009

You don't have to scrap them all!

If you have noticed I have been working on a lot of pet los the past few weeks. Well we have tons of cat and dog pictures so I am trying to get ALL of them scrapped and in an album in the next few weeks. So far so good! I am excited about completing this project because we really do have so many pictures that need to be put in an album for good!

Saying that leads me to the reason for this post! I was watching a scrapbooking show on DIY the other day and got the best idea. I am sure most of us are familiar with project 365 and the album pages that it contains. Well why not use that in some of your everyday scrapbooking pages. I am so big on doing two page los in my albums because I want each page to go together. Well, now I can add extra pictures that I am not sure I want to scrap to a photo page and then have a one page lo on the other side. I put five pictures into 5 of the 6 slots and then I journaled in one of the slots. I think I will really enjoy this method too, because there are so many pictures that I am just not sure I want to make an actual scrapping page with. Therefore, I will be able to add them to these slots and still insert them into my scrapbooking albums! Love this idea. Here is an example of it using of course Charley and Zoey!

This is the left side of the page! Just two pictures of Charley and Zoey during their first photo shoot together!!
And here is the right side of the lo! I am sure many other people do this, but I just came upon it and wanted to share it wih others because I plan on using it quite a bit in my pet album!!
And here is the journaling that I did on the album page!What do you think!? Would you use this method in your scrapbooking?


Katamommy said...

I love using this method in my scrapbooks! I am all about using a boatload of pics on a page, I just recently started doing one and two picture layouts! lol Thanks for visiting my blog! Your blog is fab!

Shanda said...

Your dogs are too cute! I love your scrapping tips although I am horrible at actually scrapbooking - with 3 kids it is tough to do.

Thanks for stopping by my blog today & congrats on becoming a SITSta!

Christy said...

you have the cutest dogs! I've been begging my husband to let us get one...he's not much for the pets :(
Leaving some love from SITS!