Thursday, April 30, 2009

Talk Derby to me!!

NO really don't lol because I probably wouldn't be able to keep up with the conversation! Yes, I have lived in Louisville, Kentucky ALL of my life and NO I have never been to the Derby! I have been to Oaks though, which seems to be more of a locals day at the Downs! However, I LOVE living in Louisville during Derby season for many reasons one being I am a school teacher and we NEVER go to school on Oaks day! Therefore, I have a three day weekend!

Another being that STARS come to Louisville to watch the Derby. Some stars that have been here in the past are Jessica Simpson, Nick Lachey, Girls Next Door, and many, many more that I just can't think of right now! This year I heard that Michael Jackson is coming to town.

I love all of the events that lead up to Derby, however I don't ever seem to attend them! For example, Chris and I watched Thunder Over Louisville from the porch of our house. We heard and saw the planes fly overhead all day for the air show. At night we sat on the front porch to watch the fireworks! We could see all of it except the fireworks coming off of the bridge of course! But, it was good enough for me! Why? Because when it was over I was already at home and didn' t have to wait in traffic for three hours to get home! YES some people were in traffic that long! Let me see if I can find the link to the thunder video for those that are not from Louisville, because it is definitly a sight to see! The biggest fireworks show in all of the country lasting over thirty minutes long! WOW!! Thunder's site (Not sure if this has a video of the fireworks on it, but this is the site for Thunder Over Louisville!

I also love the week leading up to Derby at school! NOT because the kids are WILD and CRAZY because they know it is a four day week, but because we talk about none other than our state of Kentucky and make Jockey silks, jockey hats, and sometimes there very own horses (stick horses of course!) It is a lot of fun and on Thursday we always have a Derby hat parade and the kids' hats are so darn cute! I have a picture of one from last year on my computer, OH WAIT my computer is dying so that is probably another picture I will LOSE (*TEAR*) The kids are so excited to take part in all of the activities that we have at school each year.

The number one thing I LOVE about Derby is drawing out my horse from the two Derby pots at school and all of them at the Derby party we go to on Saturday! Ok so the two horse I got today have the fabulous odds of 50-1 and 20-1 so I doubt they will win me any money, but that is OK because it is still fun!!

Did you know that the Kentucky Derby is the GREATEST two minutes in SPORTS?
What is your city or state known for?


Lynn said...

Sounds like the Kentucky Derby makes for one exciting weekend for the town! And did you say 175 boxes you cut out on your Cricut...omg, I think your bug needs to take a cruise...LOL! Enjoy your 3 day weekend, my girls here in Indiana have a 3 days weekend too...woohoo (I think ;) As me tomorrow night, if I am still woohooing after having them home all day. Thanks for visiting my blog! Hugs, Lynn

What A Card said...

Sounds like a lot of fun! I have relatives living in Jeffersonville, IN, but we usually stay over the bridge in Louisville when we visit. My aunt makes an awesome breakfast she calls "Derby Casserole" since she always makes in on derby-day for everyone staying with her! (Not that I've ever gone to the Derby, but I have gotten to eat her yummy breakfast!)

I live in Boston, and the Boston Marathon sounds pretty similar, right down to the day off for a "holiday" no one else in America gets :)

Lizzi said...

Here in Omaha, we get the College World Series for a week or so in June. I think that's about it! LOL! Nothing exciting. Oh, for the Olympics we held the trials, I think, that qualified people to go on to compete at the Olympic level.

Sounds like the derby is a lot of fun! Even better is the 3 day weekend! Enjoy!!

Cher said...

that sounds like a lot of fun..I'd like to head down that way sometime to experience the Derby! Thought I'd stop by from SITS to say hello! Have a great weekend...hope you enjoyed your crafting today!