Sunday, April 26, 2009

It's Spring!

Yesterday it was so pretty here. The weather was in the 80s!! I actually turned the air on last night. I was trying my hardest not to do this, but I was sweating so bad that I had to do it. I just turned it on 78 so that isn't too bad!

Zoey and I were outside yesterday and I decided to take some pictures of the tree in our front yard. Here is one of the pictures that I captured! Yes I am an aspiring photographer lol so I know it's not that great of a picture! My soon to be sister-in-law and I have been talking about taking photography classes. Which, I hope we do and I have been researching for a new "good" camera! I think she has a rebel so I want to play with hers a little to see if I like it!
I am so glad that this tree bloomed and I wish it would stay all summer. I love this tree! It is in our front yard. Honestly I am really surprised that this tree bloomed for two reasons. Reason #1 is Hurricane Ike that hit us in October of last year, which I don't have any pictures of on this computer!)

Reason #2 being the icestorm that hit us in January.
We had so many damaged trees and branches that I was sure that these trees would not bloom in the spring. I thought we would have to get them all cut down. I am so happy this one made it through the storm along with the dogwood on the side of the house. We have three trees in the back that have to be cut down and we have been waiting SINCE October for this to happen. They are "suppose" to be here on Wednesday to cut down, but this is about the fourth schedule change so we will see! Who would have ever thought that in Louisville, Kentucky we would have two major storms within six months of one another!?


Katamommy said...

Is that a dogwood? Those are one of my faves! The weather here is crazy beautiful too...and my AC is totally on! lol

Controlling My Chaos said...

That tree puts out some gorgeous flowers. I love how the picture that follows is in the dead of winter too. It gives a great contrast.