Thursday, April 9, 2009


I am coming to the conclusion that I am addicted to my FLAT IRON! I have been straightening my hair for 6 years now and I don't think I can stop. Why would I want to you may ask? Well I use to have somewhat of a curl to my hair, which is now completely gone due to the fact that I straighten my hair every time I wash it.

Why do I straighten my hair? Because if I don't it is a frizz of a mess. Not to an extreme, but it is bad enough that I want it to lay flat and nicely on my head and therefore have to straighten it with a flat iron.

I was sad to figure out when I tried to curl my hair about a month ago that I had lost ALL of my natural curl. A straightener pulls at our hair folicles so much that it takes the curl away. So, my hair dresser bought me a curling iron and told me NOT to use my flat iron anymore. WHAT? I can't not use my flat iron I am addicted to it!

So, I haven't used it for 7 days today! But, guess what I am going to use it tomorrow! I figured if I only use it once a week that I will be alright! She might not think so, but I do cause I have to use it. I love curly hair, but sometimes I need it straight too.

How many of you think that I have lost my mind? Probably all of you, UNLESS you too use a straightener and are now addicted to it!!
She should be proud that she finally got me to stop using my Chi and to use the Paul Mitchell straightener, which is suppose to be "better" for your hair. Not quite sure how a straightener could be good at all LOL!!

So, Yes I am addicted to my straightener and I will probably straighten my hair for the rest of my life!
Are you addicted to yours? What hair product can you not live without?

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Katamommy said...

I love to straighten my hair too but took a break because it was drying out and damaging my hair so bad, argh! lol