Friday, April 10, 2009

I was featured on another blog!!!

Ok so I am really, really excited can you tell!!? Over at Katamommy Damacy I am sort of featured! On fridays she does Friday Night Fab Five! I was one of the Fab Five she talked about! I am so excited!

She also helped me figure out how to shorten links to a word on my blog instead of the extremly long way I was doing it before! She is great so go check her blog out! Oh and her baby is adorable too!!

Ok Maggi, I was testing to see if I did the linking thing right! Did I lol!!?


Katamommy said...

Look at you with the text links going on! LOL You did it perfectly! You rock, girl!

Tooj said...

Hey there, I'm stopping over from SITS roll call to say hello. I always loved it when I figured out the new things about blogland. The links, the pics, the html...congrats! And good work on getting's always nice to know that someone thinks you're fab. Happy Friday!