Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Crashed Computer!

I am so sad that my computer crashed on Saturday morning. I love being able to get online and chat with friends and look at all the wonderful crafting that goes on. However, I think I have also realized a few things about me and the computer! I am getting to know it too much! After being away from it for a few days I have gotten SO much house work done! When I first got married I was obsessed with cleaning my house (I still sort of am, but just not as OCD about it!) Well, once I got my cricut I kinda let a few things go to the side as I was cruisng the cricut site often (such as laundry!)

Well not having my computer has reminded me of all the things I NEED to still do around my house on a daily basis such as vacumn, laundry, dishes, mop, and the list goes on and on. Plus I wasn't getting very much scrapping done either.

So, I have now learned that I need to set a time limit for the computer and I, as there are more important things I should be doing around my house! I think I will be very good at this too, because I know that things now need to get done and that I am "wasting" a lot of my time at night on the computer. Don't get me wrong I will still be on and I will still read the blogs I like to read, but I just have to make sure I get my chores done first!

My wonderful husband has been so kind to bring home his laptop at night so that I can still blog and get online! Isn't he GREAT?!!

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sandy said...

I was without my computer for a week! I got a lot done, but I really missed it!