Friday, March 13, 2009


I found a cute picture of Zoey and thought I would post it for all of you to see! She is my little baby! I have blogged about her before in a scrapping page I did of her. She is just too cute for words! My husband claims she is part cat, part dog because all she does is sleep.
Well I have to do a poetry cycle for my master's class. In this poetry cycle I have to find 15-20 poems that are about my life. So, here is the poem that I found to describe my dog Zoey and it fits her EXACTLY! Well mostly the underbite and the sleeping part! Oh and all of the poems have to be from children's books. This poem is from "It's Raining Pigs and Noodles" by: Jack Prelutsky!

My Underdog is Overweight

My underdog is overweight,
he has an underbit,
he tends to tunnel underground
and stay there overnight.

That overactive underdog
is often hard to to bear....
he overate my overcoast
and all my underwear.
Well nothing else going on here. I am sad that Friday Night Lights was not on tonight. I look forward to that show every weekend! Guess I will have to wait til Sunday to watch it!
This is the first weekend in 6 weeks that I haven't had something I HAD to do. I thought I was getting that icky stuff that everyone else has and I was going to be upset if I spent my weekend in bed. But, I think it is just my allergies. So, I am spending tomorrow in my scrapping room. My goals for tomorrow are 3 two page 12X12 los, to begin two challenges from the cricut mb, and finish the kiddie paint can I had mentioned earlier this week. So, I will post the pictures from all of my crafts that I get finished with tomorrow.

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