Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Where does it go?

Have you ever noticed how fast life goes by? Now I know everyone will say you are silly of course we do. But, have you ever stopped and really thought about it? I do this ALL the time when I am driving. For example, I can't believe that I am married to my high school sweetheart! That was something I thought I would only ever dream about. I actually walked down the aisle and got married. It seems like a dream, but it really happened! Of course it is all a blur to me because I was so nervous! And now we are thinking about having kids. I am going to be a mom someday soon? WOW! I still feel like a kid. I tell my assistant at school this all the time and she says wait until your 40 and you still feel like a kid! Lol she is so cute!

Then I can't believe that I am living my dream job. I have wanted to be a teacher since I was itty bitty, and I am really actually living it. There are 25 kids that call me Mrs. Wallace all day long (as well as an entire school.) And when I see a student outside of school they yell as loud as they can "Mom/Dad that is Mrs. Wallace she teaches at my school." I have to stop and think to myself "I really am a teacher!" I stand in my classroom all the time and say this is my class my very own class!

I have always been a goal oriented person and I am so proud of myself to see so many of my goals being accomplished. I can't believe that I have accomplished all that I have in the 24 years of my life. I am not bragging, but believe me it has not always been easy and if you have accomplished any of your goals, it is something to be VERY proud of.

I sometimes find myself saying I wish it was next week or I wish it was this time of year. Then I stop myself and say QUIT wishing time away. Live in the moment and focus on where you are because you never know where you may end up next, or what could happen next.

This is a quote that I am slowly learning to live by because if you know anything about me at all then you know that I worry about EVERYTHING!! I live for Malox and tums! So, just think of this "Don't regret anything in your past because at some point it was everything you ever wanted" and as my blog title says "It may not always be right, but it is my life"


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