Tuesday, March 3, 2009

That's Why I STOPPED watching!

Ok so I am sure many of you saw or heard about the bachelor last night. I can't believe that he did that. I am hoping for Mel's sake that it was staged. Every time I like someone they always get dumped so of course I was excited when Mel actually won. But, then look what happened! I can't believe someone would do that on national television, but I am sure it was staged. It had to be. He seemed like such a genuine guy. But, guess what they are getting their money worth and you know that EVERYONE will be watching tonight. I am still mad though!! And what about Ty. I mean he has to know something is going on. I am sorry but I know that little children obverse things way more than he is giving his son credit for. I can't believe I am wasting a post on this nonsense lol, but I am sure there is a lot being said out there so I just had to put my two sense in!!

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