Sunday, March 22, 2009


It is such a pretty day here today! My allergies are really bothering me though. Yesterday Chris and I spent the day outside cleaning debris from the ice storm in January and the wind storm in October. We STILL have a tree down in the backyard and we STILL have trees in the front yard that need limbs trimmed out of them. It is ridiculous how much money some companies want to do this though. One company said they would charge us I believe close to five thousand dollars! WOW! That is a lot of money. Chris thought about taking the one in the back down himself, but it is so bad that it would be dangerous for him to do it alone. Not worth it that is for sure! So, yesterday we picked up thousands and I am not exagerating, of limbs out of the front and back yard. And Chris has been doing this for weeks. We have a pile in front of our house that the state is "suppose" to come pick up, but we are just going to start hauling it off ourselves. I am having a wedding shower in two weeks and Chris doesn't want that stack of sticks and limbs in our front yard when guests come to our house for the first time.

After cleaning outside we came in. I cleaned all of the windows in the basement, as well as dusted and vacumned the whole basement. Do you have a dyson? Well I do and it is my FAVORITE household cleaning "thing"! I love to vacumn with my dyson because you can see EVERYTHING that it is picking up. With three cats and two dogs this is definitly interesting. You would not believe the amount of hair that it picks up. Or would you? Do you have lots of animals? If you do you need the dyson animal vacumn. It is wonderful. I use it on my hardwood floors as well!

Today's list: 1. Make some birthday cards.

2. Make a thank you card.

3. Go to the grocery. (BLAH!)

4. Clean the windows upstairs!

Alright I will let you know later how much of my to do list I get done with today!

Happy Sunday!

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