Monday, March 16, 2009

Homework is for the Birds!!

Ha ha!! Did you ever think you would hear a teacher say that! LoL I am really just kidding. I do give my kindergarteners homework everynight! Usually a fun little game to play with their family. But, I don't like big kid homework. I am getting my masters right now and I am so tired of working all day and then going to school. I don't know how people stay students all their lives. I couldn't handle it. After this semester I will have 18 hours with 18 to go. I plan on knocking 12 out this summer and doing the final 6 in the fall. Boy I can't wait to be finished with them either! I am so ready and OVER school work. I know I will go back eventually to further my degrees and education, but not until long after Chris and I have made our family!

Well as you can tell I have been working on homework ALL night.

I worked on as much of the wedding shower invitations I could because I ran out of materials and hobby lobby was closed before I realized it. So, I will have to finish those tomorrow.

Well off to bed. Oh and the kiddie can I am working on is turning out so cute! I can't wait to share it with everyone! It is soo darn cute!!

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