Sunday, March 15, 2009

A few Pages

Today was a yucky day outside, but I got a few things done around the house and I got some errands ran. Chris even went with me to get a few things done!
Chris surprised me the other night with a new scrapping table. I will have to post pictures of it tomorrow. So, I did a lot of rearranging in my craft room today. I will take pics tomorrow so that you can see what I have done!

Ok here are the two of the three los that I worked on today. I sort of cheated on my goal for today though. The first lo I had pretty much finished but needed to add a few extra details to it! It is from the Titans game Chris and I went to in 2007! We had so much fun in Nashville and if I didn't live in Louisville I would love to live in Nashville. It is a beautiful city and reminds me a lot of Louisville!

The next LO is on from my wedding album that I am attempting to work on . I am not sure what kind of album I am expecting this to be, but it will sure take a long time. I hope I can finish it before I get pregnant and want to start working on baby los!! The title of the lo is The "Search" Is Over! I took tons and tons of pictures of me in "other" dresses, so I decided to make a lo of a few dresses I tried on the final dress that I picked out!

Let me know what you think of my los!

I am working on the kiddie can still. I will hopefully get to post pictures of it tomorrow. But, we will see what tomorrow brings!

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