Thursday, March 5, 2009

Come ON Spring!!

Today I didn't go to work because I had a doctor's appointment. Nothing big just a check up! So, I had that at 11 and was done by noon so I was able to enjoy the rest of this very, very nice day!!

It was so nice and now I have SPRING FEVER!

I went to PF Changs with my mamma!! Yummy!

Then I went to Chick A D's for a bit to pick up my switch flops. I am so excited about my new switch flops, because we are no longer allowed to wear "flip flops" to school so I have to get creative! Well these are not flip flops so I will probably be wearing them to school for all of spring! I am very excited about them. Ok if you don't know what switch flops are you must learn! They are the cutest sandals in which the strap is velcro and can be interchanged with different colors and very cute designs. Go here to learn more they are so much fun!!

I also went to wal mart, target, and Hobby Lobby. I needed some new bathroom rugs, I got some scrapping stuff of course, and some Easter decorations that I am so excited about putting up soon! Do you think it is too early for Easter Decorations? I figure not because it is really only a month away and I want to enjoy them for a little while before they have to go back up!! So, I am putting them out probably tonight!

It is beautiful here, but very windy! I am excited for spring and I really can't wait for this summer!!

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