Tuesday, March 31, 2009

What is your favorite Scrapbooking Tool?

Today I was able to get a lot accomplished in my scrapbooking room. I worked on a few Zoey/Charley los. They were fun to do, but would have taken me much, much longer had I not been introduced to my new favorite scrapping tool (besides my cricut that is!) I am in love with the Xyron 1.5" create-a-sticker. It is so nice to use on tiny letters that you are trying to glue onto a lo. I used to have a big glue mess by the time I was finished with a lo. Now, all I have to do is run my ribbon or small letters through my Xyron and stick them to the page. Here is a video from their website as to how this product actually works. (Hope it's alright to post that here!) Although I have been scrapping since high school, I have just recently become a serious scrapbooker. Thanks to my friend Allison for introducing me to this great product. I think I will have to look into other Xyron products because I love this one so much! Check out their website for all of their products. Have you used any of the Xyron products before? What is your favorite scrapping product? I love learning about great new tools that make scrapbooking easier for me!

Monday, March 30, 2009

Where is my daddy?

Zoey was very confused today because today was the first day of my spring break. She doesn't quite understand why I am home and Chris isn't. I know people think we are crazy, but she has the personality of a child! I was in the office and I could hear her playing with Chris' pillow. Everytime I would walk out to see what she was doing these are the looks that I got. I thought they were so cute that I had to take a picture of all of them. She is so darn cute sometimes!

This is the what are you looking at look. I got that one a few times when I came out.Then she started looking at the side door waiting for "someone" to come in it!
Then I was finally able to somewhat catch her in the act!
When Chris is not home and I am, Zoey stands by the door waiting for him to arrive. I am serious, she will lay down in front of the door or on the chair by the door so that she will know as soon as he is home! She cracks me up! Oh and Zoey stayed with my parents this weekend and my dad told me I need to put her on a diet LOL!

Green Card Challenge

On the cricut website I am in a swap. This swap is so much fun. It is a green swap and each week we are given different challenges. One week the challenge was to use the color green for a card. This is one of the cards I made for that challenge. I used DCWV's glitter stack for the background paper, doodlecharms for the cupcake, and a studio G stamp for 'you're so sweet". I hope you enjoy it was a lot of fun to make!

I got to scrapbook tonight!

After everyone left my house I was able to go upstairs and do a little bit of scrapbooking! In February I decided to join a Close To My Heart club. Every month we order out of the catalog and each month someone else gets to "host" the party. I joined this club because I wanted to build my scrapbooking collection as well as my stamp collection. I have been very pleased with everything that I have ordered from there and look forward to getting my order each month!

For this page I used the Magic Moments kit. All of the paper and the stickers are from this kit. The journaling square is from the Love Always collection. I had fun making this page and look forward to using more of my CTMH products to make more more pages!
EDITED!! I really like to make two page los, so I knew that I wasn't finished with this lo yet. Well I got to make page 2 of the lo the other night! I just love all of the CTMH products I have recieved so far! They are of such good quality and so fun to use! Here is the whole spread!

Sunday, March 29, 2009


I thought it would be fun to blog about our adventure to the sweet 16 and the elite 8 this weekend. We really had a good time and I want to share a few pictures with you. When we first got there we were staying in the Omni which was about three blocks from Lucas Oil Stadium. Our friends were staying in the Holiday Inn, which was about 300 yards from the Stadium. So, we knew that we wanted to move there Saturday if given the chance. Of course when other teams lost their fans left and we got to move to the Holiday Inn.
Friday night we went to the game. Here are a few pictures from that game as well as the final score! Of course this was an awesome game, and the cards played an incredible game! The first picture is of Rachel, Amy, and I before the game. This was at their room in the Holiday Inn!
This is a picture of the floor from our seats. It is so weird to think that this is actually a football stadium that they have made into a basketball floor! The floor is actually raised off of the ground onto a platform. All fo the seats to the left and the right of the court are seats added on top of the football field as well. So had we been at an actual football field we would have had excellent seats. However, I still don't think our seats were too bad for the basketball game!After the ballgame Friday night I was pretty tired so we went back to the room and went to bed! Saturday we went to a sports bar/grill to watch the womens' basketball team make it to the elite 8. The bar/grill was attached to a mall, so of course we did a bit of shopping!

Saturday night we went to Bucca De Bepos! I probably so didn't spell that right sorry. We had a lot of fun here and ate lots of yummy food. Here is a picture of all of us sitting at our table enjoying our food!

After dinner we went out for a little while. Of course I didn't make it too long. I am just not the going out type. Can't help that! Sunday morning we got up and went to Steak N Shake to eat. If you haven't had the turtle carmel shake you have to get it! It's the best shake ever. Here is a picture of Chris and I at Steak N Shake.
It was so cold today in Indianapolis. I didn't expect that and therefore didn't bring clothes to wear in the freezing cold. We went to the Stadium an hour early because it was too cold to walk around downtown. Of course we didn't win the game. We were very sad for our team, but we will still had a good time and I hope you enjoyed reading about our adventure to the Sweet16/Elite8!!

Spring Break!!

It is finally spring break and I am SOOO excited! (Can you tell?) We just got back a little while ago from Indianapolis. We had a really good time. I am sad that the cards did make it to the final four, but we had a lot of fun being there. Boy was it cold today. I didn't expect that at all. I was using an umbrella to shield myself from the cold, cold wind. But, all in all we had a really good time!

So, what are my plans for spring break week? Well Monday night I am having a Mary Kay party. A friend of a friends is just getting started with selling Mary Kay and so I am hosting a party at my house for her tomorrow night! I am excited, because I think I am really liking Mary Kay. I don't wear a whole lot of make-up, but I like what I have so far, and I feel their prices are pretty reasonable.

Ok Tuesday I have a dentist appointment and then I think I will hang out and do some scrapping/crafting things!

Thursday I am going to the outlet malls with my friend Ashley. They are an hour and fifteen minutes away so not too bad. It will be a lot of fun and we will find some good things I am sure!

Friday NOTHING! I am not planning anything for that day because I want to spend my last day however I want to!

I hope it warms up a little though, because it doesn't feel like spring break at all. Usually this is how it goes though when we are on spring break and next week it will be bright and sunny with warm weather. Trust me I am not complaining though, a whole week of no work is fine by me!

Talk to ya more this week!
Have a good Monday!

Thursday, March 26, 2009

March Madness!!

I am so excited because tomorrow we are leaving for Indy to watch the Cards play Arizona! It will be so much fun and I hope we win! I will take plenty of pictures and will be sure to post them when we get back on hopefully Sunday if we make it to the Elite Eight! GO CARDS!!!
Oh yeah and tomorrow starts my SPRING BREAK!! Can't wait to relax for a whole week! It will go by so fast though!

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Where does it go?

Have you ever noticed how fast life goes by? Now I know everyone will say you are silly of course we do. But, have you ever stopped and really thought about it? I do this ALL the time when I am driving. For example, I can't believe that I am married to my high school sweetheart! That was something I thought I would only ever dream about. I actually walked down the aisle and got married. It seems like a dream, but it really happened! Of course it is all a blur to me because I was so nervous! And now we are thinking about having kids. I am going to be a mom someday soon? WOW! I still feel like a kid. I tell my assistant at school this all the time and she says wait until your 40 and you still feel like a kid! Lol she is so cute!

Then I can't believe that I am living my dream job. I have wanted to be a teacher since I was itty bitty, and I am really actually living it. There are 25 kids that call me Mrs. Wallace all day long (as well as an entire school.) And when I see a student outside of school they yell as loud as they can "Mom/Dad that is Mrs. Wallace she teaches at my school." I have to stop and think to myself "I really am a teacher!" I stand in my classroom all the time and say this is my class my very own class!

I have always been a goal oriented person and I am so proud of myself to see so many of my goals being accomplished. I can't believe that I have accomplished all that I have in the 24 years of my life. I am not bragging, but believe me it has not always been easy and if you have accomplished any of your goals, it is something to be VERY proud of.

I sometimes find myself saying I wish it was next week or I wish it was this time of year. Then I stop myself and say QUIT wishing time away. Live in the moment and focus on where you are because you never know where you may end up next, or what could happen next.

This is a quote that I am slowly learning to live by because if you know anything about me at all then you know that I worry about EVERYTHING!! I live for Malox and tums! So, just think of this "Don't regret anything in your past because at some point it was everything you ever wanted" and as my blog title says "It may not always be right, but it is my life"


Sunday, March 22, 2009


It is such a pretty day here today! My allergies are really bothering me though. Yesterday Chris and I spent the day outside cleaning debris from the ice storm in January and the wind storm in October. We STILL have a tree down in the backyard and we STILL have trees in the front yard that need limbs trimmed out of them. It is ridiculous how much money some companies want to do this though. One company said they would charge us I believe close to five thousand dollars! WOW! That is a lot of money. Chris thought about taking the one in the back down himself, but it is so bad that it would be dangerous for him to do it alone. Not worth it that is for sure! So, yesterday we picked up thousands and I am not exagerating, of limbs out of the front and back yard. And Chris has been doing this for weeks. We have a pile in front of our house that the state is "suppose" to come pick up, but we are just going to start hauling it off ourselves. I am having a wedding shower in two weeks and Chris doesn't want that stack of sticks and limbs in our front yard when guests come to our house for the first time.

After cleaning outside we came in. I cleaned all of the windows in the basement, as well as dusted and vacumned the whole basement. Do you have a dyson? Well I do and it is my FAVORITE household cleaning "thing"! I love to vacumn with my dyson because you can see EVERYTHING that it is picking up. With three cats and two dogs this is definitly interesting. You would not believe the amount of hair that it picks up. Or would you? Do you have lots of animals? If you do you need the dyson animal vacumn. It is wonderful. I use it on my hardwood floors as well!

Today's list: 1. Make some birthday cards.

2. Make a thank you card.

3. Go to the grocery. (BLAH!)

4. Clean the windows upstairs!

Alright I will let you know later how much of my to do list I get done with today!

Happy Sunday!

Saturday, March 21, 2009


Tonight I did a lo for the Bitten By The Bug challenge. I had fun working on this one. It is definitly a different style than what I would usually do. The butterflies are from Home Accents. The word "believe" is from Cuttin' Up. I also used some flowers from CTMH. When I saw this challenge I didn't know what I was going to do. I started thinking about the word believe. I came across this picture today and knew I had to use it in this challenge. In May of 2006 I graduated from the University of Louisville with my bachelor of Science in Early Elementary Education. I could have never done this without the support of my parents and my grandparents. They believed in me more than anyone ever has before. The picture is of my grandparents and I at my graduation! I hope you enjoy!

Thursday, March 19, 2009

TGIF tomorrow!

I think I have major Spring fever! I am so ready for Spring break. But, I am so excited for this summer. Why? I don't know because I am going to school all summer long! BLAH. But, I love this time of year. Being able to open the windows and not wearing winter coats! So, nice. I am on Spring break from my master's classes for the next two weeks. Only 8 more days until my spring break starts and I can't wait.

I am throwing a wedding shower the Sunday of my spring break so I will probably spend the whole week cleaning my house! I am definitly going to make some time for some scrapbooking and playing in my craft room! I want to get a lot of different things done and I have so many different ideas of things that I want to do that I don't even know where to start. But, that is my problem huh?

Alright I am going to go upstairs and watch Grey's. I LOVE Tivo because now I won't have to sit through commericals can just fast forward right through them. Oh how incredibly spoiled we are in this world!


Monday, March 16, 2009

Homework is for the Birds!!

Ha ha!! Did you ever think you would hear a teacher say that! LoL I am really just kidding. I do give my kindergarteners homework everynight! Usually a fun little game to play with their family. But, I don't like big kid homework. I am getting my masters right now and I am so tired of working all day and then going to school. I don't know how people stay students all their lives. I couldn't handle it. After this semester I will have 18 hours with 18 to go. I plan on knocking 12 out this summer and doing the final 6 in the fall. Boy I can't wait to be finished with them either! I am so ready and OVER school work. I know I will go back eventually to further my degrees and education, but not until long after Chris and I have made our family!

Well as you can tell I have been working on homework ALL night.

I worked on as much of the wedding shower invitations I could because I ran out of materials and hobby lobby was closed before I realized it. So, I will have to finish those tomorrow.

Well off to bed. Oh and the kiddie can I am working on is turning out so cute! I can't wait to share it with everyone! It is soo darn cute!!

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Wedding Shower Invitations

Well here they are! The wedding invitations for my soon to be sister in laws shower. I have the lo done, now just to make all thirty of them! Shouldn't take me too long because they are pretty simple. I hope she likes them, because I tried a few different things and they didn't turn out as well. This was the best one I could come up with so I sure hope she likes it. I am sure she will though. All I did was mat the blue onto the yellow (blue-5X5 and yellow-5 1/4X5 1/4) I printed from the computer the information and then stamped on the bride and the ring. Lastly I added the vellum paper with a flower brass!
Night guys and happy Monday!!

A few Pages

Today was a yucky day outside, but I got a few things done around the house and I got some errands ran. Chris even went with me to get a few things done!
Chris surprised me the other night with a new scrapping table. I will have to post pictures of it tomorrow. So, I did a lot of rearranging in my craft room today. I will take pics tomorrow so that you can see what I have done!

Ok here are the two of the three los that I worked on today. I sort of cheated on my goal for today though. The first lo I had pretty much finished but needed to add a few extra details to it! It is from the Titans game Chris and I went to in 2007! We had so much fun in Nashville and if I didn't live in Louisville I would love to live in Nashville. It is a beautiful city and reminds me a lot of Louisville!

The next LO is on from my wedding album that I am attempting to work on . I am not sure what kind of album I am expecting this to be, but it will sure take a long time. I hope I can finish it before I get pregnant and want to start working on baby los!! The title of the lo is The "Search" Is Over! I took tons and tons of pictures of me in "other" dresses, so I decided to make a lo of a few dresses I tried on the final dress that I picked out!

Let me know what you think of my los!

I am working on the kiddie can still. I will hopefully get to post pictures of it tomorrow. But, we will see what tomorrow brings!

Friday, March 13, 2009

Deleted Post=(

I just deleted four of my posts. I think I might cry. I wanted to label my posts and I scrolled down too far and deleted them and now I can't find them to retreive them. That makes me soooo sad!


I found a cute picture of Zoey and thought I would post it for all of you to see! She is my little baby! I have blogged about her before in a scrapping page I did of her. She is just too cute for words! My husband claims she is part cat, part dog because all she does is sleep.
Well I have to do a poetry cycle for my master's class. In this poetry cycle I have to find 15-20 poems that are about my life. So, here is the poem that I found to describe my dog Zoey and it fits her EXACTLY! Well mostly the underbite and the sleeping part! Oh and all of the poems have to be from children's books. This poem is from "It's Raining Pigs and Noodles" by: Jack Prelutsky!

My Underdog is Overweight

My underdog is overweight,
he has an underbit,
he tends to tunnel underground
and stay there overnight.

That overactive underdog
is often hard to to bear....
he overate my overcoast
and all my underwear.
Well nothing else going on here. I am sad that Friday Night Lights was not on tonight. I look forward to that show every weekend! Guess I will have to wait til Sunday to watch it!
This is the first weekend in 6 weeks that I haven't had something I HAD to do. I thought I was getting that icky stuff that everyone else has and I was going to be upset if I spent my weekend in bed. But, I think it is just my allergies. So, I am spending tomorrow in my scrapping room. My goals for tomorrow are 3 two page 12X12 los, to begin two challenges from the cricut mb, and finish the kiddie paint can I had mentioned earlier this week. So, I will post the pictures from all of my crafts that I get finished with tomorrow.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Long Time No Post

Hey everyone! Well when I first started less than a month ago, my goal was to post EVERY day. Well we can see that didn't last oh so very long! But, that is alright I have been busy, busy, busy. Not really just more like being lazy. Sometimes I think busy is secret code word in some peoples book for lazy! Well I know it is mine.

Ok I have found this site through another blog that I follow called swagbucks.com. It is a free site where you earn swagbucks and can trade them in for giftcards and other great prizes. And guess what? It is ALL totally FREE. I promise, so what I am saying is you should go sign up for it and check it out. You can sign up under me and I get some swagbucks for that and then you can have people sign up under you and you will recieve swagbucks from them! Please try it out!! Just go Here and sign up and I promise it is ALL FREE!!

Ok well I haven't done any scrapping in a few days..but I am hoping to get some done this weekend. I am working on a kiddie can swap and I think it is going to turn out cute! When I finish it I will be sure to post it and you can tell me what you think!

Night all!

Sunday, March 8, 2009

Springing Forward!

How was your weekend? Mine was really quick! I had class all day Saturday and then we went out to eat for a friends birthday...today I got to go see Cirque Dreams. It was sooo unbelieveable! It was awesome and I recommend it to everyone. Tonight was the last night for it in Louisville and one of the cast members in it today was from my high school so that was really neat.

Have I said I am ready for spring enough? It has been so nice here this weekend. I know it is suppose to continue to be nice this week until Thursday and on Thursday it is suppose to be only 48. I can handle that though. Much better than 20s! We sprung forward today which means we lost an hour today. I am OK with that though because I love it being lighter later. Hopefully I will be able to start walking outside at nights when I get home from work now!

I haven't done very much scrapping lately and I want to get back in there, but I have been very lazy the past few days. So, lazy that my husband has done more housework than me! That NEVER happens! But, I certainly appreciate his help, of course he is the BEST husband ever!!

Night ya'll!

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Come ON Spring!!

Today I didn't go to work because I had a doctor's appointment. Nothing big just a check up! So, I had that at 11 and was done by noon so I was able to enjoy the rest of this very, very nice day!!

It was so nice and now I have SPRING FEVER!

I went to PF Changs with my mamma!! Yummy!

Then I went to Chick A D's for a bit to pick up my switch flops. I am so excited about my new switch flops, because we are no longer allowed to wear "flip flops" to school so I have to get creative! Well these are not flip flops so I will probably be wearing them to school for all of spring! I am very excited about them. Ok if you don't know what switch flops are you must learn! They are the cutest sandals in which the strap is velcro and can be interchanged with different colors and very cute designs. Go here to learn more they are so much fun!!

I also went to wal mart, target, and Hobby Lobby. I needed some new bathroom rugs, I got some scrapping stuff of course, and some Easter decorations that I am so excited about putting up soon! Do you think it is too early for Easter Decorations? I figure not because it is really only a month away and I want to enjoy them for a little while before they have to go back up!! So, I am putting them out probably tonight!

It is beautiful here, but very windy! I am excited for spring and I really can't wait for this summer!!

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

That's Why I STOPPED watching!

Ok so I am sure many of you saw or heard about the bachelor last night. I can't believe that he did that. I am hoping for Mel's sake that it was staged. Every time I like someone they always get dumped so of course I was excited when Mel actually won. But, then look what happened! I can't believe someone would do that on national television, but I am sure it was staged. It had to be. He seemed like such a genuine guy. But, guess what they are getting their money worth and you know that EVERYONE will be watching tonight. I am still mad though!! And what about Ty. I mean he has to know something is going on. I am sorry but I know that little children obverse things way more than he is giving his son credit for. I can't believe I am wasting a post on this nonsense lol, but I am sure there is a lot being said out there so I just had to put my two sense in!!

Monday, March 2, 2009

Made it Through the Day!!

I made it through the day without my assistant. Ok I have to admit I was missing 6 kids! That made a HUGE difference. The sub was really sweet too and she was helpful so that made it nice. She was quiet which is what the kids need. In the past I had an assistant sub who thought she was teacher for the day and she acted like an officer. HELLO they are five lol. But, we made it through the day no one had any accidents and we all got home just fine!

I just pray I do not get this sickness that is going around. There are so many people who have it and it is not fun. I got it this time last year and I am hoping I have buildt my immune system up somewhat. But, we shall see!

Now just to get through Tuesday and Wednesday...well let you know....

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Busy Day

It has been a busy Sunday! We had a UL game at noon, which we won by the way! Then we went to lunch/supper at Texas Roadhouse, went to the grocery store and then Target! So, now I am hoping that I can go upstairs and get some scrapping done.

My assistant called earlier to let me know that she won't be at school tomorrow, Tuesday, or Wednesday. She is sick which means I won't see her until Friday because I have a docs. appointment on Thursday and am taking the day off! Goodness this will be an interesting week. She has subs, but sometimes I wish they didn't have to get a sub just because it is so hard to stop and explain to a sub everything that you need them to do and everything that is going on! It is a lot easier to just do things on your own sometimes! Not meaning that in a bad way, but when you have 25 kids that NEED you at every second of the day you can't stop to explain something to someone!

Alright off to do laundry and get some scrapping done!

I will try to post something I get done here tonight!!