Monday, February 23, 2009

Monday's are always the best days!

I find it funny that Monday is always the fastest day at work and Friday is the longest! I think I like Monday's much better than Fridays Lol!! I went to a pampered chef party tonight after work and could have spent a fortune but I didn't. I am such a gadget person! I like to accessorize ANYTHING and EVERYTHING I do! Therefore, a pampered chef party and all of its gadgets fit me just well. Which, is why I also offered to have a party at my house in July!
I am also excited because I was the hostess this month in my CTMH club and I can't wait to get all of my new toys soon! I will post pictures of everything I get when it comes in! I love looking forward to new things coming in the mail don't you?
Oh and I did the happy dance today, because I submitted the entire yearbook this morning so I am completely done with it! YAH!!

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